Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to Some Place Inaccurately Called School

Well it's back to school. I got to sit through another cheesy assembly where we learn that no one has any respect for the principle and assistants. When they try to be funny it is one of the most awkward things, you feel like everyone in the room rejects their humor and throws it back at their face because of their mister tough guy persona they have built up. Of course Dr. Bayles spoke to us again, but only gave one speech and delegated his powers to his posse. What do you think Dr. Bayles talked about? Sports of course. We shouldn't turn our backs to the provo basketball team when they walk out we should acknowledge their commitment and perserverance. What do you think this is? It's one of the biggest if not the biggest rivalry in the state you can't clap for them and then say "beat the crap out of them" (Direct quote of Dr. Bayles).
I am starting to wonder what the heck happened to the females we knew of last year I swear they disappeared?? I rarely see any of them, some i haven't seen once at school yet. Where do they go at lunch?? I don't see them walk to the parking lot? Have they formed an axis of girls who pretend to be good but have secrets?? No, an axis can only have three members. Well, I thought that I had some good chances with some females in perticular, but you have to see something to get it.
Erghh, my mom wants me to do something productive I find this very productive.
There has been a return of social drama to my life which is strange because its period of absence had been quite long I had almost forgotten the ridiculousness of it all. All that I care is that I am in good standing with all that I choose. The really strange thing is that it only involves males, which is pretty rare. Like I said the females have disappeared. I am going to find them this weekend.
Remember what Mark Twain said, "Don't drink- to excess that is." it was something to that effect.